Pure Tastes and High Aspirations

Thomas Binney, A study for young men or A Sketch of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, (Boston: Crosby & Nichols, 1831), p.24:

It is of vast advantage to be born of healthy and virtuous parents; it is a further advantage to be the children of those whose intellect has been thoroughly disciplined and developed; a further still, to be surrounded in infancy and early childhood with such guiding and elevating home-influences as tend to inspire pure tastes and high aspirations, and to create or strengthen repugnance to whatever is low, sensual, or false; and, last of all, it is a blessing and an advantage, utterly incalculable, to have for a mother a woman of sense, superiority, and goodness; with force of character; with talents and cleverness; of solid information; with tact, temper, patience, and skill, fitted to train and mould the mind, to implant principles, and awaken a lofty and laudable ambition.

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