In a Word

character (n.)

property that defines the individual nature of something

Greek kharaktēr  was extended in Hellenistic times by metaphor to “a defining quality or individual feature

In English, the meaning “sum of qualities that define a person or thing and distinguish it from another” is from 1640s. That of “moral qualities assigned to a person by repute” is from 1712

Sense of “person in a play or novel” is first attested 1660s, in reference to the “defining qualities” he or she is given by the author. character-actor, one who specializes in characters with marked peculiarities, is attested from 1861.

Character is the attribute that distinguishes one thing from another.It is the inherent complex of the moral and ethical principles through which one acts of reacts. A unique set of ethical and moral principles guiding guiding the behavior of an individual. Although people share certain ethical and moral principles, the right or wrong combination is what makes the character of an individual unique.

Extra: Character-building: (adj.)
improving certain good or useful traits in a person’s character, especially self-reliance, endurance and courage.

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