Alice Cooper on Self Transcendence


You are about to release your 27th album and you are currently five decades deep into your career. At this point, you could tour forever on the back of your existing catalog and it would be totally fine. What drives your urge now to write and record new music? Has that urged changed from when you were younger?

Alice Cooper:

Well, I read something really interesting that Paul McCartney said and it really resonated with me. He said that he didn’t feel like he’d written his best songs yet or that he’d played his best shows yet. That’s also how I feel. I think that’s how you need to feel. You should feel that way, always. I know there are people who will hear me say that, at 69 years old, and say “Oh, come on.” Do you really think you’re gonna write better songs than “Welcome to my Nightmare” or “School’s Out” at this point? I get that.

But if you’re an artist and you honestly think you’ve already done your best work, then why would you make another album? Why bother? You make another album in order to say, “I can write a better album,” or “I think I’ve got songs in me that are still better than the other ones.” You try to do a better record. I don’t think Salvador Dalí, even on his deathbed, ever thought, “I’ve done my best work, I’m never gonna paint again.” Bob Dylan probably thinks he hasn’t written his best song yet.

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Alice Cooper is a musician and songwriter

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